Collection: 3 Oil Painting Sets For Sale

Discover the expansive and vibrant collection of Ekmart's 3-piece wall art, designed to enrich any decor with elegance and style. Offering versatility, our sets include options for individual pieces or coordinated sets of 3-piece wall art, perfectly suited for enhancing large wall spaces in residential or commercial settings. From the dynamic interplay of colours in our abstract art paintings to the serene beauty of our landscape artworks, each set is crafted to provide a distinct visual experience.

Our collection set of 3 wall art pieces spans a wide array of themes and styles, including colourful abstract wall art, detailed floral wall art, and serene landscape paintings, making it easy to find the perfect match for any room, whether it’s a lively living room or a tranquil bedroom. Ideal for those looking to create a cohesive look, our art sets can transform a living room with vibrant, large wall paintings or add a subtle elegance to a bathroom with smaller, delicate pieces.

With Ekmart's oil painting sets, you have the freedom to mix and match artworks, allowing you to curate a personalised aesthetic that reflects your taste and complements your living space. Whether it's making a bold statement with a single large abstract painting or harmonising your home decor with a set of 3-piece wall art, these sets offer a creative solution to elevate your interior design with sophistication and a splash of colour.